WiCS 2019 Thunkable app examples

Random Words - This app shows how to set the various parameters to the API endpoint that returns random words from a given vocabulary.

      iPhone running the random words app       Blocks controlling the random words app

Word prediction - This app shows how to predict likely words based on left context, right context, and/or the prefix of the current word. Input is via standard text input controls.

      iPhone running the word prediction app       Blocks controlling the word prediction app

Speech context - This app recognizes speech and then presents the four least likely words from the recognized text. The user can hit a button to speak one of the four words. This is a prototype for a basic context aware AAC interface that based prediction on the speech of the partner.

      iPhone running the speech context app       Blocks controlling the speech context app

Keyboard - This is an onscreen keyboard that lets you type text. It doesn't make use of the text prediction API, but it easily could in order to provide suggestions for your current word.

      iPhone running the keyboard app       Blocks controlling the keyboard app